"Charlie sold our house very quickly and was always attentive to our needs as sellers. He is a great people person and a great communicator. We found him to be incredibly honest, thoughtful and responsive throughout the process of selling our home. We would highly recommend Charlie for any real estate transaction"

Jon Derry and Morag Mochan

"I was so fortunate to find Charlie. My beautiful house was “quirky” and other realtors had warned me it would be difficult to sell. I felt like Charlie made the effort to see it through my eyes, and as a result, he presented it with enthusiasm. He is also the most creative realtor I have met! While other realtors seemed to approach the job from strictly a statistics point of view, Charlie used the science, but added real art to his approach. I am lucky Charlie was my realtor."

Risa Greenwood

"We really appreciated Charlie’s extensive knowledge of the Victoria housing market and positive and helpful approach. We would definitely recommend him to family and friends."

Dwane & Bonnie

"Recently my wife and I bought our new house with Charlie as our realtor. We looked at many houses and Charlie always had great insight showing us the pros and cons of properties we were interested in. As well when we had nailed down the house wanted, again Charlie shown through with his experience in the negotiation process. We were both so happy with Charlie's ability to be both professional and personable, that we would not hesitate to recommend him to our closest friends and family as there realtor. Thanks so much Charlie for helping us making dreams, reality!"

Willy and Chanpen Bull

"We had the wonderful opportunity to work with Charlie DePape as our realtor in a recent house purchase. Of the many attributes Charlie posses as a realtor, the following come to the forefront and would be the reason that we would not only recommend Charlie as a realtor but will work with him again on any future real estate transactions.
1) Professionalism-; engaged, prompt, courteous
2) Knowledge of the business and the area -provided valuable information about the various areas to live in Victoria, important for out of town buyers such as ourselves; he was always proactive in ensuring documents were accurate and delivered on time and also coached us on deadlines that we were responsible for (CONT”D)
3) Great Communication Skills -listened carefully to our needs, responded to our questions, offered solutions and understood the dynamics at play when couples are having to make an important decision such as buying their home
4) Patience -not once did we feel rushed or that we were wasting his time when trying to find the perfect home"

David and Susan Moisik

"We gave Charlie the difficult task of finding us a house to match a very narrow & specific set of requirements and budget. He worked hard with us, listening to our concerns and requests. He gave great advice and, as first-time home buyers, really helped us break into the market. Thanks Charlie, we love our new home."

Eden and John

"It took a few agents before finding Charlie, but I wouldn't recommend anyone else for selling a home in Victoria. Not only was he able to handle the day to day lifting while I lived and worked across the country, he had valuable insight in the negotiation process. Finally, and I cannot stress this enough. He understood that I needed information to make informed decisions, and wasn't afraid to say something, even if it would be something you normally wouldn't want to hear. My house would probably still be on the market, 4 months later if he hadn't stepped in and given sound council. I wouldn't recommend anyone else in the city."

Aaron Sears via LinkedIn

"I just wanted to thank you for being so awesome. You do go the extra mile (and a half) for people. Your clients are fortunate to have you in their corner!"

Maureen W

"After trying to sell my condo for the past year, taking Charlie on as my agent was the best decision I could have made. He used his expertise to give me an honest assessment of the housing market, great advice on how to properly price it to get maximum value, and even took great initiative during the negotiation process. He offered sound reasoning that helped not only me, but the buyer get a positive outcome out of the experience. I would wholeheartedly recommend Charlie to anyone in Victoria looking for a real estate agent, and honestly cannot overstate how great a job he had done for me."

Aaron Sears

"Charlie made buying our first home both easy and fun. He helped us all the way through the bidding process with a combination of both humor and experience. Not only did help us by our first house, but he put in contact with a renovation team that has truly made this house, our home! Thanks so much."

Heather and Andrew Tyler

"I have dealt with many realtors over the past 15 years with my business but Charlie was recommended to us and from day one we knew we had made the right choice. He is one of the most genuine people I have met and the care and attention he showed to my family and I during the purchase of our first home was so comforting and reassuring. His knowledge of Victoria and its surrounding areas as well as the market made his opinions valuable to us and his care and understanding for what we wanted made him an excellent listener. Also his sense of humor made it easier to be ourselves when working with him. I have been happy to recommend Charlie to any of my clients, friends or family who are in the market to buy or sell a home in or around Victoria. Thank you Charlie we will never forget the care and service you have shown my family and I."

Chris and Tesia and Alyssa Olson

"Want to thank you again sooo much for all your help in helping us find our dream home! We just love it here...we feel so happy & comfy in our house!"

Chris & Tracy Sherwood

"We had the pleasure of working with Charlie DePape for our recent home purchase. We knew we wanted great representation; we definitely found it in Charlie. . . If you are currently looking for a Realtor, look no further. Charlie’s disposition, combined with his knowledge of the make make him an outstanding agent! We have no hesitation recommending him."

Chris & Chris

"Working with Charlie DePape to sell our home and to find our new home was a great experience. Charlie was thorough, patient, and a good listener. He understood our goals and helped us sell our home at a fair price. He also taught my wife and I a great deal about the real estate market in Victoria.  I would highly recommend Charlie to anyone thinking about buying or selling a home."

Adam Newton

"Working with Charlie was a pleasure. Not only did he do his homework thoroughly with regards to a realistic price analysis but he also listened to our needs and was open to our input. This way he was able to help steer us in the right direction to our ultimate goal: selling our home for a price that we felt comfortable with and helping with the purchase of a wonderful new property. I recommend Charlie DePape to anyone who is looking for a hard-working REALTOR®."

Lornna Olson

"I have had the pleasure of working with Charlie for well over 15 years with Gray Line Tours in Victoria. During that period I feel I have come to know Charlie very well. He has always impressed me as a dedicated and resourceful individual deeply committed to his profession, his own professional development, as well as those around him. Resourceful, respectful, dedicated, and professional are the words I would use to describe Charlie. All of us at Gray Line miss Charlie’s drive, attention to detail, and most importantly his sense of humor. I personally wish him all the best of success in his future endeavors, and I look forward to sharing his future successes with him. In short, Charlie is an honorable gentleman highly capable of succeeding at any task or challenge he engages. I am confident that whatever lies ahead for Charlie he will bring the same energy, commitment, and drive that he has demonstrated over his many years here at Gray Line Tours."

Glenn A. Smith BA, MPA, Gray Line Tours, August, 2007